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Rustic Yellow granite

This fantastic pool was awarded NESPA [North East Spa Pool Association] Gold prize in 2006. Each of the 5 solid columns each is 229 3/8” in height (582cm). The total length of the pool coping is 6035feet, constructed with 70 pieces of stones.

Project Type: Office Building (Steelcrest)
Lacation: Wagga Wagga, Australia
Surface: 26 tonnes of wall cladding
Year of completion: 2009

G654, millstone, mill stone

Project Type: Shopping Mall Renovation (Mafuta)
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Surface: floor tiles and stairs Year of completion: 2008

red granite, stone mill, millstones

Project Type: Harvard Divinity School
Location: Cambridge, United States
Surface: 69 tonnes of pavings, labyrinth,signs,benches and others.
Year of completion: 2008

mainbrook brown, luna pearl, absolute black, fuding black

Project Type: Renovation School
Location: Somerville, United States
Surface: 37 tonnes of wall, wall coping, sign, benches and others
Year of completion: 2006

G603, G654, mill stones, the millstone

Project Type: Apartment Building
Location: Milan, Italy
Surface: 2,000m2 of steps and risers, floor tiles, others
Year of completion: 2008

grey basalt, stones mill, mills stone

Project Type: Apartment
Location: Milan, Italy
Surface: 5000m2 of grey granite for wall, floor, and steps.
Year of completion: 2005

grey granite, stonemill, millstone coffee

Project Type: Apartment Hotel (Mandela Rhodes Place)
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Surface: 2200M2 of wall facades
Years of completion: 2007

Mandela Rhodes Place hotel, milling stones

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