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China supplier of granite, marble, granite tombstone, granite countertop, granite tile, granite slab, marble slab, garden stone.

Project Type: Albion + Eastside + Advent + Ovale Projects
Location: Great Ancoats, Manchester, UK
Surface: floor tiles, skirting, stairs, counter tops, bathtub covers, etc..
Contractor/Architect: ACG
Year of completion: 2006-2007

Description:The series projects, over a dozens of apartments, are gateway to New East Manchester. 100million Sterling Pound has been used for this development since 2004. We supplied all the stones for inner buildings for 3+ years continuously, over 10,000+ square meters of stones of floor tiles, stairs, skirings, counter tops, bath tube covers,etc.

supplier of natural stone including building stone, landscaping stone, custom marble and granite fabrication and installation. Supplier of construction stones, home building materials, marble and granite, limestone, slate, and sandstone.
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Specialist Manufacturer of Stone Products for Projects.
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