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China Stones Inc. supply slate for slate tiles, roof slate, slate flooring, roofing slate, slate roofing, slate stone, slate paving, slate mosaic.

Slate is a metamorphic rock composed of clay or volcanic ash. Slate is usually split by hand, then slates will form smooth flat sheets of stone. Slate is mainly used as roofing slate and slate tiles for floor and decorative wall, usually called slate cultural wall.

Slate is frequently grey in color, especially roof slate. However, there is dark grey slate, black slate, and even purple slate, green slate and rustic slate.

The word “slate” is also refer to objects made from slate, such as roofing slate, or a writing slate, traditionally a small piece of slate, often framed in wood, used with chalk as a notepad or noticeboard etc., and especially for recording charges in pubs and inns. The phrase "clean slate" or "blank slate" comes from this use. (The above slate description is abstracted from Gooogle Wiki.) Besides slate tiles, roof slate, slate flooring, paving slate, and slate mosaic for border, etc, slate billiard table is the supreme choice for this tradition game in Europe.

China Stones Inc. can produce slate slabs as large as 120cm – 160cm x 90cm x 4cm. The slate slab could be made as slate for pool table, table slate, slate step & riser, slate staircase, slate tread, slate coping, slate bench, slate table, slate fireplace, etc.

slate tiles, Rust Slate roof slate, Green Slate slate flooring, Black Slate slate roofing, Wooden Slate
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